Attorneys with In-Depth Lien Knowledge Working For You

A mechanic's lien is a beneficial tool for professionals in the construction industry to both secure and collect debt from services or materials supplied on a construction project. While helpful, it's no secret that Texas has one of the most complicated and detailed lien processes with specific deadlines and rules that must be met. Navigating through the process can be difficult, but as our client, you will have peace of mind knowing that a team with extensive lien experience and knowledge is advocating for you.

What It Takes To Get a Mechanic's Lien

To successfully file a mechanic's lien against a party that has not paid, several pieces of necessary information are required, including:

  • The property owners name and address
  • The general contractors name and address
  • A legal description of the property
  • A brief description of the work that was done or materials supplied
  • The month when the work was provided or when the materials were supplied
  • The dates and manner in which you sent previous payment notices
  • A sworn statement that the lien amount is due

Important Lien Deadlines

Click here to view a monthly chart and make sure you are not missing any critical deadlines.

Offering More Than Just Representation

Continuing to go above traditional services, we offer lien training to teach your staff how to file valid liens in-house for future matters. One of our highly-qualified team members will come out to your location and go over step-by-step how to file a valid lien and answer any additional questions or concerns you may have.

With our in-depth knowledge, experience and aggressive approach, we hold a high success rate of getting clients positive results. As your attorney, we will let the subject of the lien know what is at stake for them if they do not pay, and we will work to protect your interests.