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Cromeens Business Formation Package Hits Home Run for Texas Companies

It can be confusing and scary taking those first steps that lead you from an independent contractor to a small business. If not done right, your personal assets and the business itself can be left open to risk.

Slaying the Beast, Part 1: Debt Collection from Beginning to End

As a business owner, debt collection can be a daunting task. Fortunately, Texas law offers recourse and respite to make the action less of a hassle and more of a boon for your bottom line. The following information from the experts at The Cromeens Law Firm guides you through the headache of debt collection so your focus can remain where it belongs-on your current projects.

Residential Construction Liability Act, Part 2: Protecting Your Assets During a Claim

In Residential Construction Liability, Part 1, we talked about how the construction laws of Texas define RCLA, what constitutes a construction defect, a business owner's defenses against RCLA, and how the statute of limitations may affect a claim.While the RCLA is written to protect homeowners from unscrupulous construction practices, it also contains a fair share of provisions to protect responsible business owners.

Residential Construction Liability Act, Part 1: What It Is and How to Reduce Your Damages

Remember the cul-de-sac house you finished last month, the one with the monster roof that took twice as long to lay out? Well, now the homeowner has filed a claim against you under the RCLA, and you are expected to be in court. What the heck is an RCLA?!

Donations Drive for Hill Country Youth Ranch Moves Into Full Swing

Time to pony up for a good cause! The Cromeens Law Firm has taken the role of trail boss in a recreation equipment donations drive for the Hill Country Youth Ranch in Ingram, Texas, and now we're looking for some top hands to round up the best they've got!

Contract Documents 101: Understanding the Basics of Subcontracts

So, you've landed a stellar new contract, your crew and equipment are ready, and the weather is ideal to begin the work. All you have to do is sign the contracts. You've done it a million times before, so you know what you're getting into, right?

Growing Pains: Protecting Your Business During San Antonio's Phenomenal Growth

Many small contractors and subcontractors are experiencing exponential growth, which is great, but that growth comes with added concerns, such as contract negotiations, new partnerships, and accounting headaches. If these or other similar issues have been plaguing you, don't worry!

Default Judgment Filed Against You? Don't Panic!

Talk about being blindsided! Your week was going great until you received notice that you have missed a court date, and now a default judgment has been filed against you. Maybe you never received the initial notice, or maybe you just plain forgot what day it was because of your hectic schedule. Doh! It's okay. There are steps that can be taken to protect your assets and ensure the judgment rendered doesn't take the shirt off your back.

HUB Certification: It's Tedious But Possible

The process of getting HUB certified can be tedious. At the Cromeens Law Firm you can contact our San Antonio office to do the process for you. But, if you're up for it, you can work on the certification process yourself. Just be prepared to hunker down and plow through a lot of paperwork.

M&M liens, Part II: Relationship status--complicated...but it doesn't have to be

The mechanic's and materialmen's lien has enough rules in Texas for complicated to be an understatement. There are time constraints, backcharges, hidden penalties... Let's see if we can sort out a little of this nonsense so you can get to the business of making money.
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