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Storms are here, Contractors. How to protect Insurance Funds owed to you.

After property has sustained damage as a result of water, inclement weather or natural disaster, many property owners seek reimbursement for the cost of repair from the property insurance carriers

Pay When Paid vs Pay If Paid by Christina Gonzalez

Below is a description of the two types of contingent payment clauses in construction contracts that could have enormous impact on the payment for the work that you completed under the contract:

The Benefits of Employment Forms and Personnel Records

One thing that many businesses seem to forego is the making and keeping of employment records. Instead of 'wasting time,' businesses instead will handle problems and employment issues as they arise. However, spending a little time making sure all employment policies, paperwork, and records and in order will save both time and money later on.

Restrictive Covenants, What are they? -Kelly Stamy


A restrictive covenant in employment law is an agreement between a business and a worker (either a employee or independent contractor) restricting the worker from competing or soliciting the business's workers or customers after the worker ceases to work with the business.

Texas will enforce a restrictive covenant agreement if two conditions are met:

1. it is ancillary to or part of an otherwise enforceable agreement (typically at the start of employment); and

2. contains reasonable limitations as to time, geographical area, and scope of activity aimed at protecting the business's legitimate business interest. 

Why Liens Work Part 2

How does one perfect a lien?

The most important aspect of perfecting a lien is giving timely notice to the relevant parties in the action. Texas law has strict rules regarding notice, in order to ensure that anyone who may be vulnerable to a lien claim is given sufficient time and opportunity to minimize their liability.

Why Liens Work

For those in the construction business, a Mechanics and Materialmen's lien is often an effective, cost friendly way to guarantee you are paid. A Mechanics and Materialmen's lien takes an unsecured debt, and secures it

Why an Attorney is Your Friend.

First, you may be asking yourself, "How can an attorney be my friend?" A valid question. Second, you may be thinking of the stigma that can be associated with having an attorney. However, an attorney's job is to protect you and your rights, as well as your business. The road of business law is long and sometimes confusing. What contracts should you sign? What's in this contract? What's a partnership agreement? What's an LLC? All of these questions are common and important. That's where an attorney comes in. Negotiate.jpg

Slaying the Beast, Part 2: Debt Collection Post-Judgment

Now that you have crossed your eyes and plotted your liens in an effort to collect on a debt, you have a brand new judgment in your pocket and are now ready for action. You've done everything within your legal power up to this point. It's time to finally get way or another.

Food from the Bar Begins, Supporting Houston Food Bank

Help us to make 2019 bigger and better by dropping off food and money donations at The Cromeens Law Firm office. Your donation of funds and food make a world of difference to hungry Houstonians and folks in the surrounding counties

Make a Wish Come True--Cromeens Seeking Supplies to Assist Today's Harbor for Children

We want to make sure Today's Harbor, formerly Boys and Girls Harbor, has the supplies it needs to continue providing excellent care and opportunities to the children they serve.
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